High-Powered Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) is like a battery charger for cells.

PEMF’s safe and gentle energy helps the cell do what it is meant to do-including transporting oxygen and nutrients in, forcing waste out, communication with other cells and repairing itself.

PEMF is drawn to cells that need it; cells that don’t need it let PEMF energy pass by. 

PEMF Stimulates all levels of the body; cells, tissues, organs and complete body systems.

PEMF is highly versatile and generally shows results quickly. PEMF predictably reduces pain.

Improves range of motion, increases energy, and makes users simply feel better after just 15 minutes of treatment. Initial improvements last from 4 hours to 4 days as the healing process begins.  Repeat use extends the period of benefits and helps reduce/reverse chronic issues (such as organ dysfunction) over longer periods.





Christine's family roots are within the small communities here in Simcoe County. Animals have always been a part of her family, as far back as her childhood days of bringing home stray animals (of all kinds) to take care of. She has been a horse owner for more than 15 years. Christine is proud to be a MagnaWave Certified PEMF Practitioner. She has worked with and witnessed the tremendous results of PEMF therapy on, humans, horses, dogs & small animals and is pleased to be providing this service for all those seeking a holistic approach to well being. This alternative form of therapy has been safely used for over 50 years worldwide in improving health and wellness & enhancing performance.


Thank you Christine for introducing me to Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy. I can’t believe how good I felt after one treatment.  I have tried different modalities and this is far the best I have ever felt.  If you are looking for a treatment that reduces pain, helps to heal you naturally and just feel wonderful then you have to try PEMF.


If you are looking for a practitioner who is passionate, knowledgeable and kind than look no further than Christine.

-D. Day



C.C.Magnetic Field Therapy PEMF machine is not a medical device and it's intended use is an alternative form of therapy. Our services promote wellness, enhanced performance, as well as amplified resistance to illness and injury. Results will vary. It is advised to use the information, technologies and methods presented under the supervision of your doctor and/or other health professional you rely upon