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PEMF Therapy for People

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy works at a cellular level to help create a healthy environment for cells to prosper. Blood oxygen is increased, the lymphatic system is activated and acupuncture points are stimulated.

This process reduces pain and inflammation and promotes the body's natural healing. PEMF can stimulate every area of the body.  Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields penetrate deep into muscle, bones, tendons and organs to activate the cell's energy and encourage it's natural repair mechanisms. Clients often notice significant improvement after 1-3 sessions.

In humans, PEMF Therapy helps to:

  • promote cell regeneration

  • tissue oxygenation

  • relieve symptoms of depression

  • boost immune system

  • relieve chronic pain

  • increase range of motion

  • speed up post surgical healing

  • accelerate healing of fractures & wounds

  • decrease build up of lactic acid

  • expedite body detoxification

  • enable better nutrient retention

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